A debit card issued for cash withdrawals and non-cash transactions from private savings and current accounts owned by Bank Jateng now comes with the Chip technology and GPN logo.

Chip Technology

All cards are equipped with the Chip technology with the benefits of:

  • Prevent skimming since it is difficult to duplicate
  • Has a larger data storage capacity therefore the transaction processing is faster

GPN or National Payment Gateway (National Payment Gateway) is a system built to integrate various payment of instruments and channels nationally. With the GPN logo, customers will benefit:

  • Customers can make transactions on all payment channels throughout Indonesia
  • The customer is guaranteed security in transactions due to standardized features, in addition to the entire process carried out domestically through the domestic network.
  • Customers are not charged a fee by the merchant since the Merchant Discount Rate (MDR) determination
  • Payment channels are interconnected and interoperable
  • Administrative costs are cheaper since all the processing is done on the domestic network which can be more efficient.

GPN Logo

Card Type

Administration Rp 3.000Rp 5.000Rp 10.000
ReplacementRp 10.000Rp 10.000Rp 10.000
Max. Cash withdrawal7,5 million10 million25 million
Max. Debit EDC Prima25 million25 million50 million
Max. Transfer Bank Jateng25 million25 million50 million
Max. Transfer among Cooperation Banks25 million25 million25 million
Adm. Transfer fellow Bank JatengFreeFreeFree
Adm. Other Bank TransferRp 6.500Rp 6.500Rp 6.500
Adm. Prime / Together ATM Check CheckRp 4.000Rp 4.000Rp 4.000
Adm. ATM Prima / Bersama Cash WithdrawRp 7.500Rp 7.500Rp 7.500

Card Facilities

Following are the facilities owned by the Bank Jateng BPD Card:

  • Easy cash withdrawal at all Bank Jateng ATMs, ATM Bersama and Prima
  • Transfers between accounts can be made between Bank Jateng’S customers or between accounts to the Bank’s Cooperation
  • Shopping convenience in tens thousands of the merchants in Indonesia
  • Payment of the various bills namely Halo Telkomsel, Indosat Matrix, UN, PDAM, University and telephone
  • Purchase the train, ticket and pulses
  • Transaction security with the Chip’s existence and Bank Jateng ATM PIN technology
  • Transactions anywhere and anytime, supported by the internet banking feature (bankjateng.co.id)
  • Cash withdrawal without a card using Bank Jateng Internet Banking. (Information about Cash Withdrawals Without Cards)

For more information, please contact the nearest of Bank Jateng branch or sub-branch offices, Bank Jateng Call Center at 14066.