Inauguration of UN Tax Payment, BPHTB, Tapping Box Online at Pemalang

Pemalang, April 24, 2018. Launching e-Link Pajek (UN Online, Tapping Box, BPHTB Online) by BAPENDA Pemalang District in cooperation with Bank Jateng Branch Pemalang conduct the inauguration of tax payments PBB, BPHTB, Tapping box online. The event was attended by Mr. Regent of Pemalang Regency which on this occasion represented by Mr. Drs H Martono as Vice Regent Pemalang also present Director of Operations & Digital Banking Bank Jateng Rahadi Widayanto and Head of Central Java Bank Coordinator Tegal Mr. Agus Santoso and Head of Bank Jateng Branch Pemalang Mr. Djaka Nur Sahid and all the ranks of Forkopimda Pemalang District.

Pemalang District previously had the UN but in the implementation is still not efficient in the sense that there are still many people who procrastinate to pay the taxpayer that so many high community arrears.

Tuesday, April 24, 2018 Pemalang District inaugurated E-PBB which aims to provide information to the public so that people know the tax costs to be paid every person. With the E-UN is expected to bill the society in arrears can be reduced.
The E-UN has some of the first advantages of reducing people coming to the tax office just to ask for bills and the second one that improves in service as people can more easily access UN bills on smartphones whenever and wherever.
So it can be concluded E-PBB in Pemalang District aims to provide information to the public on taxpayer bills to be paid and facilitate the public in accessing it.

Marketers team of Bank Jateng Branch Pemalang