On Independence Day, Bank Jateng was awarded by MURI

The red and white fabric spread over the 1,242-meter-wide and 240-cm wide Bank Jateng Building, installed since July 30, 2018, entered the Indonesian World Record Museum (Muri) and was awarded by the Indonesian World Achievement Institute (Leprid).

The awarding ceremony was handed over by Muri Manager, Ariani Siregar and General Manager of Leprid Fitricia Arisusanti to Bank Jateng after the commemoration of the 73rd Indonesia Republic Anniversary on the Bank Jateng Office on Pemuda Street, Semarang, on Friday.

“This award is actually not a goal. But this good intention gets good grades too. This gold stroke (Muri and Leprid awards, ed.) Hopefully can add to our pride (one of Bank Jateng employees, ed.) Towards the organization, “said Bank Jateng Director, Supriyatno.

On this occasion, Supriyatno ignited the struggle spirit of the employees to continue to excel and maintain national unity despite different ethnicity, religion, ethnicity and class.

At the ceremony of the 73rd Anniversary of Indonesia Republic, all ceremony participants wore traditional dress as a symbol of preserving local values ​​and culture such as courtesy, caring, and “andhap asor” in service and daily life.

Regarding the red and white length of fabric stretch, Supriyatno added that the 1,242 meters figure was a symbol of Bank Jateng’s net profit target in 2018 amounting to Rp1.242 trillion.

Muri Manager, Ariani Siregar explained that Central Java had set several record-breaking times, among others, because it set the lowest interest rate of seven percent for micro-credit without subsidies on 15 May 2016.

Then opening a simple account with a total of 59,644 customers on June 3, 2016; eating mango in the middle twist method with the highest number of participants is 1,386 participants; the signing of the KUR people’s business credit agreement with 684 participants; eat Lunpia with the highest number of participants 5,200 participants on April 5 2015; and in 2018 with the longest stretch of red and white fabric 1,242 meters.

Ariani explained, for giving awards related to Independence Day commemoration, Muri had previously recorded the installation of red and white cloth installed around the 318-meter metropolitan mall building in Jakarta on August 26, 2001.

The spread of the red and white flag on the Volcano edge 40.9 x 30 m on August 17, 2002 with the Belantara Indonesia Adventure manager; the spread of the 5,217 meters red and white flag with the Red and White Warriors’ receipts; stretching the longest red and white flag around 7,000 meters of Miangis Island on May 22, 2010 the North Sulawesi Regional Police commander.

As well as the longest stretch of the red and white flag at the 2,300 meters circuit with Central Java Regional Police and Astra Motor in Semarang on 11 August 2018; and connecting and extending the red and white flag the longest 7.5 km recordist Trunaja Madura University on August 16, 2018.

GM Leprid Fitricia Arisusanti added, the award given by Leprid was not only to Bank Jateng as an institution, but also to Bank Jateng Director, Supriyanto individually since he had brilliant thoughts or “out of the box” encouraging employees to achieve a net profit of Rp1, 242 trillion, which was then translated into the long red and white cloth spread over the Bank Jateng building.