New BPD Card Comes with GPN Logo

Bank Jateng launched a new BPD Card design as an ATM / Debit card with Silver, Gold and Platinum colors and improved card security therefore users are more comfortable and secure (secure) in using it through the chip technology (chip-based cards) planted on cards, and facilitating with the GPN Logo. Exchange Your Card Now with a New Card. Exchange of BPD Cards can be done at our Office Customer Service.

Benefits of the GPN Logo

GPN or National Payment Gateway (National Payment Gateway) is a system integrating to the various payment instruments and channels nationally. By using the GPN logo, it can support the increase the non-cash transactions of the Indonesian people and realize the sovereignty of the national payment system.

GPN Card Transactions are cheaper and safer

The use of GPN logo cards reduces transaction processing costs, due to the administrative costs are cheaper and all processing is done on the domestic network making it more efficient. The community is not charged by the Merchant. In addition to the cheap transaction costs, security is guaranteed in transactions, since the features are optimally standardized.

Card Exchange Terms

  • Carry an identity card such as Identity Card (KTP) or Driving License (SIM)
  • Bring the old ATM card to be exchanged
  • Card exchange can only be done at the office where the customer opens an account

How to exchange cards

  1. Come to the Bank Jateng office
  2. Meet the Customer Service
  3. Fill out the old BPD Card Closing Form
  4. Fill in the new BPD Card (chip-based card) opening form bearing the GPN logo;
  5. Get a new BPD Card