MORE KREATIF (Kredit Tunjangan & Sertifikasi ) in the Millennial Era

Either the work needs or students’s teaching and learning activities in schools are increasingly numerous and sophisticated in the current era, especially now that many activities using the  online platforms. Of course, gadgets also have to be up to date therefore it runs smoothly and not choked up because of the financial constraints make it is impossible to update with the new gadgets.

Fortunately, Bank Jateng has a new program.

Yup, It is KREATIF Program (Kredit Tunjangan & Sertifikasi), a credit facility from Bank Jateng specifically for the ASN and Horizontal Teachers, which have a Performance  and Certification Allowance to help meeting all the needs. In addition to the easy and fast process, the credit installment payments are made by deducting the performance  and / or certification allowances. So what are you waiting for, grab this opportunity right now.

Credit Product: PLO

Program Period

01 March – 31 December 2021


By joining the KREATIF program, the civil servants (ASN) and teachers get the following benefits:

  • Easy and fast process
  • The credit period is up to 3 years
  • The maximum credit limit can reach up to 150 million rupiahs
  •  Cheap interest  promo

Interest calculation and time period

Year                            1                                  2                      3

Interest                        7.5%                            10%                10%

Terms and Conditions


  • Working as a Horizontal ASN (Central Java Provincial Government / Regency/ City Government in the Central Java regions)
  • Have  Bank Jateng’s account
  • Salary, Performance Allowance and, or Teacher Certification Allowances via Bank Jateng


  • The credit period is up to 3 years