Mitsubshi Pajero Grand Prize Award to the Customers at Pemalang Branch

Bank Jateng of Pemalang Branch gave BIMA Savings Prize Period I 2018-1919. On this occasion Mitsubshi Pajero Grand Prize Prize was won by Bank Jateng of Pemalang customers on behalf of Mrs. Churotun Izzah, a retired customer.

BIMA Savings is a Bank Jateng product specifically designed for investment in the present and future. By having BIMA Savings there are many benefits. The opening of BIMA Savings account is affordable, only with an initial deposit of 50,000 rupiahs you can get a passbook and BPD card, BIMA Savings customer has the right to get the insurance borne by Bank Jateng. And the most awaited is to get good luck with a minimum balance of 1 million rupiahs directly get a Gold lottery coupon, a minimum balance of 2 million rupiahs gets a Yamaha N-Max lottery coupon, a minimum balance of 10 million rupiahs gets a Mitsubishi X-Pander coupon, and a minimum balance 30 million rupiahs the chance to get the Mitsubishi Pajero Grandprize. The greater chance of winning is only drawn for the Central Java region, Yogyakarta and BankJateng of Jakarta Branch.

The award ceremony was held at the Bank Jateng of Pemalang Branch on October 22, 2018. The Period I Prize for Bima Savings Lottery Prizes for the Year 2018-2019 was opened by Pemalang Bapak Djaka Nur Sahid Branch Head and attended by Pemalang Regent Mr. H. Junaedi SH, MM and was also attended by Bank Jateng Head of Tegal Coordinating Branch, Mr. Joseph Edy, and all Assistant Branch Managers. The handover event was very crowded because there were many customers who wanted to witness the grand prize presentation of Grandprize Mitsubshi Pajero.

The lucky customers who get the BIMA Period I Savings Period 201-2019 Prize Lottery are as follows:

  1. Mitsubishi Pajero – Mrs. Churotun Izzah (Pemalang branch)
  2. Mitsubishi Expander – Pemalang Texmaco Vocational School (Pemalang Branch)
  3. Yamaha Nmax
    1. Mrs. Siti Nurwahdaniyah and Mr Ali Imron (Pemalang Branch)
    2. Mrs. Yuli Setyowati (Comal Sub Branch Office)
    3. Mrs. Sofianeti ( Pemalang City Sub Branch Office)
    4. Mrs. Kholipah (Head of Randudongkal)
    5. Mr. Abdul Rohman ( Belik Sub Branch Office)
  4. 10 Gram Gold Bars
    1. Mr. Karnoto and Ms. Tri Wahyuni (Pemalang Branch)
    2. Mr. Iqbal Putra Pratama ( Comal Sub Branch Office)
    3. Mr Tjasmono (Pemalang Sub Branch Office)
    4. Mrs. Kunaeni ( Randudongkal Sub Branch Office)
    5. PD BKK Pemalang (Belik Sub Branch Office)

Congratulations for the Winners of Bima Period Savings Lottery Year I 2018-1919.
Continue to increase your savings balance and win the prize.