Millennial Credit

Cheap Interest only 7% effective rate and 5% Cashback

“Millennial Credit: Make Your Dream Business Come True #MillenialBeraksi!”

Make your business happen now #MillenialBeraksi. It’s time for millennials to get up and take action planning the development of a startup business. Whether it’s a side business or a main business, everything is possible. Do good business and financial planning, Determine the schedule in running the business being carried out. Take advantage of the internet and marketplace to sell products. To increase business capacity, of course, you need additional capital with 7% interest and cashback benefits of up to 5%. Bank Jateng launches millennial credit for those of you who have carried out a business at least 6 (six) months old. Apply now, limited quota!

Credit Usage

Working capital and investment.


With this credit facility, customers get the following benefits:

  • Low Interest 7%/P.A effective rate
  • Easy process
  • Maximum installment period is 36 (thirty six) months
  • Easy & affordable installments
  • Maximum ceiling of IDR 25,000,000 (twenty five million)
  • Free credit provision fees, administration fees, insurance fees, and others will be borne by the bank
  • Interest subsidy/cashback :
    Year Subsidy Cashback 1 5% 2 4% 3 3%

Terms and Conditions


The business or object being financed

Addition :
document ownership certificate of property rights (SHGB/ BPKB/ Bilyet deposit/ Permit to use a place to sell/ securities such as family card/ last diploma/ Marriage Book)

Notes :
The bank exempts the calculation of the ratio of collateral to credit and is bound by a power of attorney to sell.


  • At least 21 years old / married and a maximum of 45 years old when the credit is due
  • Physically and mentally healthy
  • Not being listed on the Black List or Bad Credit List
  • Not currently enjoying credit facilities at other banks except credit cards and leasing provided that the credit status is current


  • Credit application letter
  • photocopy of e-KTP husband and wife
  • photocopy of family card (KK)
  • Passport photo 4×6 applicant and husband / wife
  • photocopy of Marriage Certificate / Divorce Certificate / Death Certificate / Certificate of Unmarried
  • Certificate of residence / certificate of domicile at the lowest local RT where the prospective debtor is domiciled if it does not match the E-KTP