KPK Management Officer, Adlinsyah M Nasution briefed envoys from 35 local governments in Central Java at Artos Magelang Hotel

No Need to Be Afraid, KPK is Behind the Local Government.

MUNGKID – Officials from 35 local governments throughout Central Java were invited to the event to implement the monitoring program for potential local tax revenues in Artos Magelang Hotel meeting room yesterday. The event was attended by KPK management officer, Adlinsyah M Nasution who gave direction to delegates from the regional government in Central Java.

“There is no need to fear, the KPK is behind the local government,” said Bank Jateng Managing Director, Supriyatno when met on the sidelines of the event.

The rest he said, the activity was a process of helping the mayor and regent to ensure that local tax revenues from hotels, restaurants and parking would be the right of the local government and could be maximally accepted. As an example of the program’s implementation in several regions, the increase in PAD originating from hotel, restaurant and parking taxes increased not only from 10 to 50 percent, but could be up to 400 percent. It shows the system will help and increase local tax revenues.

Bank Jateng was the facilitator behind the district government and the municipal government by helping to install the application therefore it could calculate the real value of the transaction. For example, 11 percent for entrepreneurs and 10 percent for local government rights.
Related to this, Bank Jateng has applied 15 regents and municipal government officials. While the 20 regional governments followed. Therefore, he said, yesterday all regencies were collected in Magelang moreover all could receive the information about the monitoring programs implementation for potential local tax revenues.

With the presence of KPK officers, he continued, it would increase awareness.
“Eh, KPK is behind the local government, it doesn’t need to be afraid,” he said.

It was said, Bank Jateng as a BUMD that was established and designated as a strategic partner of the regional government was committed to continue to jointly develop various services. In line with the policy in the form of the National Non-Cash Movement, Bank Jateng has cooperated with 36 Regional Governments in Central Java, including in the form of digitalization or electronification services in regional financial management, both on the revenue side and on the regional financial expenditure side.

In terms of revenue, Bank Jateng has implemented a cash management system (CMS) service in 36 local governments, e-Tax in 35 districts / cities, Host to Host PBB in 15 Regencies / Cities, and e-Retributions in 12 Regencies / Cities in Central Java. While from the expenditure side, Bank Jateng has also implemented SP2D Online applications throughout the Regional Government in Central Java