Kebumen Regency Government Is Ready To Maximize 48 Billion Rupiahs of The Capital Investment In Bank Jateng

KEBUMEN – Kebumen Regency Government will add the capital participation in Bank Jateng of Kebumen Branch. If the current capital participation of Kebumen Regency Government is 42 billion rupiahs, in the future the amount can be maximized up to 48 billion rupiahs. This was conveyed by Kebumen Regent, KH Yazid Mahfudz while attending the Workshop of Kebumen Regent and the Finance Director of Bank Jateng together with Bank Jateng Employees  of Kebumen Branch, yesterday (13/02).

Present at the event was the Finance Director of Bank Jateng, Dwi Agus Pramudya, Head of the Magelang Branch Coordinator, Wahyu Wibowo, Head of Kebumen Branch, HS Yudiantoro along with Bank Jateng employees of Kebumen. A number of officials from the Kebumen Regency Government included the Assistant of the Regional Secretariat of Kebumen, Nugroho Tri Waluyo, Head of Bappenda, Mahmud Fauzi, Head of Tourism Dispora, Azam Fathoni, Head of BKPPD, Asep Nurdiana, Head of the Education Office Moh Amirudin and a number of other officials.

Yazid Mahfudz hopes the entire board of directors and employees can continue to push Bank Jateng as a pride regional-owned bank. This quality improvement has become an inseparable part of the service therefore it will lead to maximum results.

“Bank Jateng must be one of the banking service providers who are able to act as a reformer in realizing stability and reliability to advance the people’s economy,” he added. Bank Jateng of  Kebumen has been considered consistent in helping the  social economy development . Through micro-small businesses in Kebumen in terms of business financing both in the form of capital and investment working.

“Hopefully in the future, Kebumen and Bank Jateng can further enhance cooperation and synergize together, especially in sector of development and increase the community welfare,” he pleaded.

The Economic Potential

Bank Jateng Finance Director, Dwi Agus Pramudya said the addition of capital deposits to Bank Jateng was strengthened in the future in line with the increase in Regional Original Revenue (PAD). Many economic potentials in Kebumen can be developed eto ncourage an increasement in Kebumen’s PAD will also flow to Bank Jateng through increased equity participation.

“The capital investment will be returned again to Kebumen regency through the service improvements, CSR to deposited dividends into the local treasury,” he hoped the meeting would be held periodically.

Bank Jateng of Kebumen Branch Head,  HS Yudiantoro expressed his gratitude to the Regent of Kebumen who supported the performance of Bank Jateng. Kebumen Regency Government is able to work together to develop business therefore Bank Jateng can develop optimally to be able to provide dividends and other contriconsequently  that be made.

“We are also grateful to have been trusted in financial management in addition to the local treasury namely the Village Fund and the Village Fund Budget,” he said. In accordance with regulations, DD and ADD must be managed by the commercial banks. Bank Jateng has qualified as a commercial bank, commercial bank management as well as the technology and services. He continued to innovate  field of technology services such as regional revenue, non-cash taxes, to partner with Indomaret and Gopay.

In order to improve service optimization, Yudi said, currently Bank Jateng of Kebumen Branch has a branch offices and sub-branch offices network spread across the five sub-districts, namely as six cash offices. “In addition, there is also a mobile cash car, seven payment points and 30 ATM machines also 14 smart sales to support the service,” he said.