Kebumen Launches Tumenggungan Market E-Retribution

KEBUMEN – Deputy Regent of Kebumen KH Yazid Mahfudz, launched the e-retribution of Tumenggungan Market in Kebumen Regent House Hall, Thursday (10/25). With the launch of the new innovation, traders began using electronic retibusi (e-retribution) non-cash payments in paying retribution.

Present at the launch, Kebumen Police Chief AKBP Arief Bahtiar, Head of Kebumen Bappenda Aden Andri Susilo, Kebumen District Forkopimda, officials and representatives of Tumenggungan Market traders.

In his remarks, the Deputy Regent conveyed the new innovation was to provide services for paying market retribution electronically and efficiency. In addition, the collection effectiveness and market payment retribution in Kebumen Regency.

“The purpose of using e-retribution is to reduce leakage. “This is to make it easier for traders to pay retribution, cash becomes non-cash,” he said.

In addition, continued Yazid Mahfudz, e-levies aim to curb and eliminate leaks, also facilitate reporting and increase Regional Original Income from the levy sector. “We are targeting this innovation to be applied in all markets in Kebumen Regency,” he added.

The head of Kebumen Regency Regional Management and Revenue Agency (Bappenda), Aden Andri Susilo, explained in the early stages of 3,171 traders in Tumenggungan Market who used e retribution of 374 traders.

“It consists of shop traders, stalls and will gradually be applied to all traders in Tumenggungan market,” explained Aden Andri Susilo, on the sidelines of the new innovation launch.

The e-retribution application in Tumenggungan Market is a pilot project before it is applied in all People’s Markets in Kebumen Regency. The implementation, said Aden, is a collaboration between Industry and Trade Department, Bappenda and BankJateng of Kebumen.

“Payment of market retribution is done by taping e-retribution cards on Mpos machines,” explained Aden.

According to him, this program could facilitate traders to pay retribution. In addition, it facilitates regional government revenues. How to use e-retribution cards, merchants refill at Bank Jateng. Then retribution officers go to market traders to make payments.

“After paying the merchant will receive a payment receipt as valid proof,” he concluded. (*)