Java Christian Church (GKJ) Wins Mitsubishi Xpander Lottery Prize of Bima Savings Lottery

PURBALINGGA – The series events of Bank Jateng’s Bima Savings Lottery  2nd Period  2019 have been completed on March 14, 2020. The event was held in Dieng, Central Java.

From the lottery results determined the Bima Savings  Lottery Prize Winners throughout Central Java, one of its is in Purbalingga Branch. In the Covid19 midst Pandemic virus, Bank Jateng of  Purbalingga Branch handed over a gift of a unit of Xpander car to Java Christian Church (GKJ) of Penaruban at Bank Jateng of Purbalingga Branch (13/04).

This giving is done of course by taking into operational account standards for virus prevention, such as the use of masks and physical distancing.

The 4 winners who were lucky to get 1 Yamaha N-Max were Sukarso (Purbalingga Branch), Cintia Dewi (Purbalingga Branch), Sudarsih (Bobotsari Market of Sub-Branch Office), and Sudir (City  Market of Sub Branch Office). While the 10 Grams of Gold prize winners are Ngatour Rohman (Purbalingga Branch), Sukarmi (Purbalingga branch), Sobiyah (Bobotsari Market of Sub-Branch Office), and Surasa (City Market of  Sub-Branch Office).

A  happiness look is reflected on  the winners’ faces. “On behalf of the GKJ Penaruban management, I thank to Bank Jateng, we are truly happy, our prayers,  Bank Jateng are always successful, the car will be used to support the activities in our church,” said Pastor Fajar.

The delivery of prizes was carried out directly by Sumardi Aji Prabowo as Bank Jateng’s Head of  Purbalingga Branch, accompanied by Endah Damayani as the Head of City Market Sub- Branch Office and Alek Akbar as the Head of Bobotsari Market Sub- Branch Office.

Sumardi Aji Prabowo as Branch Manager told the Customers to continue increasing their savings balance, since the greater the balance, the greater the chance to win Bima Savings Lottery Prize. The chance to become a winner is even greater since it will be drawn 2 times in 1 year based on the area of ​​ Bank Jateng branch offices in each Regency / City with the same prize, namely are Mitusbishi Xpander, Yamaha N-Max, 10 gram gold pieces, and Mitsubishi Pajero Grand Prize 1 drawn in Central Java.