It’s Time to Back Home at Bank Jateng (Special ASN Credit)

Already looking for credit at the next door bank but the interest is super high, when you get good interest but the provision is a lot. Then, the interest credit is okay, the provision is light but the credit period (tenor) is not what you want. Calm down! “Back Home” Credit is the Solution! A Credit Program from Bank Jateng which is a takeover credit facility or new credit (for those who do not have a PLO Credit facility at Bank Jateng) or additional facilities (second, third, etc.) specifically for Horizontal ASN. What are you waiting for, apply for the credit now and get lots of benefits! Limited Period Ya!

Credit Usage

Consumptive Credit

Program Period

01 July up to 30 September 2021


By joining in the “Back Home” Program, Customers get the following benefits:

  • Super Cheap Interest Rate
  • Free of charge – fees
  • Long credit term (max. 20 years)
  • Easy and fast process


  • Working as Horizontal ASN  
  • Bank Jateng Payroll