Internet Banking Activation Socialization at Bank Jateng Branch, Pemalang

Along with the increasingly sophisticated technology development, internet banking services have become part of the modern society lifestyle that accompanies daily activities. Since almost all activities were once done offline, now be done more easily online by using a laptop, tablet or cellphone. In order to meet the customer needs in the digitalization era, Bank Jateng provides internet banking services to facilitate banking transactions to the customers. Internet banking facilities provide convenience, which customers do not need to go to a bank or ATM for transactions, except for cash withdrawals. In addition, Bank Jateng Internet Banking has facilities such as account information, mutation information, conducting non-cash money transfers, paying monthly bills such as education bills, PDAMs, hospitals, PBB, subscription TV, top-up top up and E-Commerce payments such as train tickets, Telkom internet and other payments. In an effort to introduce Internet Banking facilities, Bank Jateng Branch of Pemalang provides socialization to customers in activating Bank Jateng Internet Banking. Customers will be assisted immediately until the Internet Banking is active on the customer’s cellphone. Along with the of the National Customer Day Commemoration of Bank Jateng Branch, Pemalang established a stand for activating Bank Jateng Internet Banking, in this case many Customers were enthusiastic in activating the Internet Banking was directly guided by the Bank Jateng Branch Manager of Pemalang Branch Mr. Djaka Nur Sahid who was on the Customer Day became Security. “Let’s Register and Activate Bank Jateng Internet Banking” with a friendly service by the marketing team and a comfortable place.

Pemalang Branch Marketing Team