Improving Transactions Transparency in the Village’s Financial System

Central Java Bank of Karanganyar Branch Office with Karanganyar District of Village Community Empowerment Office held a socialization about single account and procedures for opening a Central Java Bank account. The socialization was followed by all village heads and village treasurers in Karanganyar District with 162 total villages. The event was opened by Karanganyar Regent, Drs H Juliyatmono, MM at the Bupati Hall. Mr. Bupati conveyed the single account presence will increase transactions transparency on the financial system at the village. The account will be opened and used for transactions is CENTRAL JAVA BANK CLEARING account. With the clearing account opening, Central Java Bank of Karanganyar will manage funds covering the Village Fund, ADD, and profit sharing funds. The total funds amount approximately to 400 billion a year.

Erwindasam – Karanganyar