Ratusan Rumah Tidak Layak Huni Direhab CSR Bank Jateng

Hundreds of Non-liveable Houses in Islamic Education – Bank Jateng CSR

WONOSOBO – Governor Ganjar Pranowo handed over Bank Jateng CSR assistance to hundreds of uninhabitable homes in Wonosobo on Saturday (7/17). The assistance for improper housing for Wonosobo residents of 2.2 billion rupiahs was disbursed to 147 housing units spread across various villages.

Accompanied by the Bank Jateng’s Director, Supriyatno, the Governor of Central Java Ganjar Pranowo handed over the assistance in conjunction with the first quotation of tobacco harvest in the Butuh village, the district of Kalikajar.

After the symbolic surrender, Supriyatno conveyed the assistance for uninhabitable housing was one of the important programs to support poverty alleviation in Central Java.

“In Central Java, especially our poverty base, we help. Especially our CSR is currently focused on RTLH and privatization. It turns out there are still many of our citizens who do not have latrines therefore we are called to help, “he said.

He said there were at least 14 poverty zones in Central Java which would be assisted by Bank Jateng in a similar program. Prior to Wonosobo, he added, the same assistance was also given to disadvantaged residents in Temanggung. “In addition, we knock on doors to other institutions that have a calling on poverty issues. Poverty alleviation must be done together, “he said.

Rehabilitation of Non-Livable Houses (RTLH) and Latrine Construction of 147 housing units in Wonosobo amounting to 2,205,000,000 rupiahs with 15,000,000 rupiahs for each.

The details of the location of RTLH recipients in Wonosobo Regency are 15 residents in Sendangsari Garung Village, 22 residents in Kaliwiro Tanjunganom Village, 30 residents in Kepil Kepil Village, 20 residents in Bumirejo Village, 20 in Deroduwur village and 20 in Sojopuro Mojotengah village. In addition, assistance was also provided to 20 houses in the village of Kalikarung Kalibawang.

Deputy Regent of Wonosobo Agus Subagiyo who was present at the event delivering assistance for Improving Unliveable Houses (RTLH) and Privatization ( Jambanisasi) was very important and needed to be replicated by other institutions. “This assistance can improve the health, welfare and quality of life of beneficiary communities,” he said.

In addition to RTLH Bank Jateng is expected to participate in other regional poverty reduction programs. According to him, the synergy has been going well and will continue to be improved.

The total distribution of Bank jateng Social Funds from January to July 2019 is 12.7 billion rupiahs. Whereas specifically for Wonosobo Regency with previous years a total of  2.8 billion rupiahs. (Kim)