How to Use Bima Mobile

Hai, Bima People to be able to access the Bima service, follow the 3 Steps to Use Bima, namely Registration, Activation, and Login. Follow the infographic below

Registrasi at ATM Bank Jateng

Please come to the nearest Bank Jateng ATM to be able to register your Mobile Number.

Note :

  • The registration validity period is a maximum of 12 hours after registering. If after registering, you still experience a failure, please come to the Main Branch Customer Service of Bank Jateng.
  • Make sure the cellphone number that you have registered at the ATM is the cellphone number that has been registered in the Bank System or is the mobile number that has been registered with the service

Aktivasi di Aplikasi

Untuk dapat melakukan aktivasi silahkan mengunduh aplikasi Bima Mobile

Login Masuk

Selesaikan Tahap terakhir untuk bisa menikmati layanan Bima Mobile di Ponsel Anda dengan melakukan Login Pertama.