Holds Payment Cooperation, PDAM Tirta Mulia of Pemalang Regency Hand in Hand with Bank Jateng

PDAM Tirta Mulia’s clean water customers in Pemalang, can use Bank Jateng ATM for paying their PDAM accounts. This can be used as an alternative payment option rather than through the Bank Jateng’s office. Tirta Mulia’s Director of Administration and Finance, Arief Setiawan, through the Head of Public Relations and Law, Ponco Adisuseno said that the form of cooperation between PDAM and Bank Jateng was to strengthen the cooperation between government-owned institutions. He said if the cooperation was felt to be less than optimal. Therefore, Host to Host is done between two parties moreover later PDAM customers will be more facilitated in making the payments, can be through Bank Jateng’s office, ATM, and Internet as well as through other channels that collaborate with Bank Jateng. The implementation of the cooperative payment of PDAM Tirta Mulia Pemalang customer accounts is a form of service improvement from Bank Jateng to its PDAM customers. Customers who already have a Bank Jateng’s debit card can immediately take advantage of PDAM bill payments.

To maintain and improve the good established cooperation, PDAM Tirta Mulia Pemalang Regency has entrusted the payment of salaries of all its employees through Bank Jateng. The salary or payroll has so far been paid monthly in cash through the Salary Treasurer. The application of the non-cash transaction has been carried out since September 2019, all employees of PDAM Tirta Mulia have received salary payments transferred through their respective accounts.

Cash less is also intended to facilitate PDAM employees in making transactions. The employees of PDAM Tirta Mulia are very enthusiastic about this non-cash program. Helped by the marketers of Bank Jateng of Pemalang using the EDC machine and periodically the Mobile Cash will be in PDAM office to replace the ATM PIN and activate internet banking. According to PDAM employees, this non-cash program makes it is easier to collect salaries and safer sine those in the units no longer need to spend time and travel far enough to get to the branch.