Hari Pahlawan Commemoration Ceremony at Bank Jateng

SEMARANG – Hari Pahlawan which is celebrated on November 10th is expected to be a momentum for the employees of Bank Jateng to emulate the spirit of the heroes who fight for national independence.

This was conveyed by the Managing Director of Bank Jateng, Supriyatno in his remarks as the inspector of Hari Pahlawan ceremony which was held at Bank Jateng’s Office, Jalan Pemuda, Semarang.

In addition to emulating the spirit of the heroes, Hari Pahlawan moment is also expected to be able to encourage Bank Jateng employees to be able to create good innovations for the progress of the bank and themselves.

“I hope Hari Pahlawan is not just a ceremony since it must be an activity that fosters a sense of nationalism and concern to help others and increase awareness to love the motherland more until the end of his life, “he said on Sunday (11/10/2019).

Supriyatno added, to face competition in the digital age, the improvement of human resources and technological capabilities was the thing that got his attention. Currently, Bank Jateng continues to carry out the process of enhancement of technology and digitalization.

“The development of new product features and services based on Bank Jateng’s digital, continue to be encouraged to be even more accelerated,” he added.

On this good opportunity, the management of Bank Jateng also expressed its high appreciation and appreciation to Bank Jateng’s Volleyball Team who won first place in the First Division Volleyball League in 2019.

“Achieving these good achievements, I hope to be a motivation for all the people of Bank Jateng to always contribute to the progress of the company. We hope that all the people of Bank Jateng have a spirit of heroism, with an impulse to fight, to innovate and to give the best performance, according to their fields, “he said.

As for the commemoration of Hari Pahlawan this time, the theme “I’m a Hero of the Present”. A number of Directors and employees of Bank Jateng also used the nuances of Papuan attributes in the commemoration this year.