Governor Encourages Increasing the Jambanisasi Program, Bank Jateng Helps 200 Latrine Units

KENDAL – Central Java Governor, Ganjar Pranowo encouraged Kendal Regency Government to further increase the latrine procurement program for the poor. Making the toilet is an effort to improve the healthy life quality in the community. Ganjar conveyed, Central Java Governor Gathering with the Aid Recipients and the 2019 Governor’s Assistance Submission which was held in Pendapa Regency on Thursday (11/4).

Ganjar stated that in a number of regencies / cities in Central Java there are still many people who do not have latrines. The condition is quite alarming. Residents who do not have their own latrines, some who defecate in relatives’ homes, neighbors, even at times. ’’We encourage Kendal Regency Government to improve the latrine program for disadvantaged citizens,’ he said.

He stated, the construction of latrines is very important, since the addition to poverty alleviation, health factors are also taken into account by making an Open Defecation movement. All need to move to be able to provide the health in each district / city. ‘’The target is 100 percent of Central Java residents can have latrines as healthy living capital. Until yesterday in Central Java there were still a number of areas not yet free of defecation in Sembangan. “Banjarnegara is the area with the most residents not yet having healthy latrines,” he stressed.

Bank Jateng’s leader of Semarang Coordinating Branch, Siti Ulfah, said that at the event she provided toilet assistance for 200 units of 360 million rupiahs and renovation of uninhabitable homes for 10 houses in Kendal Regency.

The assistance came from Bank Jateng CSR. The distribution of aid is based on the needs proposed by the Kendal Regency Government. ’’Besides Kendal, earlier this year we also helped renovate the RTLH in Demak Regency. In 2018, the CRS channeled reached around 17 billion rupiahs spread in the former of Semarang residency, ‘she explained.

Kendal Regent Mirna Annisa, expressed her gratitude to the Governor of Central Java who has helped a lot the development of Kendal Regency. ’’Hopefully all the forms of assistance provided can be beneficial for the community,’ said Mirna.