Governor Encourages Creative and Innovative MSMEs

SLAWI- Central Java Governor, Ganjar Pranowo encourages MSMEs to hone their creativity and innovate to keep abreast of developments in their business progress. This was conveyed by Ganjar when he met with a number of light food businesses in Tegal District of Housing Office Head on Thursday (11/4) night. By using the Javanese language, Ganjar greeted the entrepreneurs who brought various home industry products that night.

The governor who came with the Deputy Governor, Taj Yasin Maimoen, seemed enthusiastic to see the various products on display. Among them are cassava opaque, cassava chips and bluder cake. Ganjar had interviewed Lince, an opaque cassava chips maker or Pak Pik. The governor, who was curious to see Lince’s opaque asking about the ups and downs of the business Lince had been running for years, ranging from capital to opaque marketing. To increase the opaque business, Ganjar encouraged Lince to increase the capital, including credit through Bank Jateng.

“If a day’s capital is 300 thousand rupiahs, plus 100 percent to 600 thousand rupiahs, plus 200 percent to 900 thousand rupiahs. Luckily more, “said Ganjar. Ganjar also encouraged Lince to market the products online.

Besides Lince, Ganjar also interviewed Susanto, a businessman with cassava chips and Gibran, a bluder cake maker. Both have successfully expanded marketing by changing the packaging. Susanto said, after making innovations by making packaging more attractive, cassava chips can be sold in malls and the benefits gained are many times over. He also mentioned that he had just participated in an online sales training at Bukalapak facilitating by Tegal Regency Government.

“If it’s sold like this (packed in plastic), it’s not sold at the mall? Not. But if it’s packed like this, it will sell well, “Ganjar said while comparing the products made by Susanto, which are packaged in different packages.

“How to. The way the government budgeted through the APBD, and the department taught, “said Ganjar.

That night, the governor at the same time was in touch with the recipients of governor assistance in 2018 and 2019. In addition symbolically handed over aid, one of which was CSR assistance from Bank Jateng social funds for the construction of 12 housing units for residents affected by mobile land disaster in Dermasuci Village, Tegal Regency as much as 600 million rupiahs and the waste management of infrastructures assistance for the climate village program (Proklim) in the disaster alert village of Guci, Bumijawa District, amounting to 24,740,000 rupiahs
Then the social assistance for uninhabitable homes PDAB Tirta Utama of Central Java Province for three housing units of 10 million rupiahs each, Jateng Sejahtera Card, Central Java Province APBD grant assistance to Salafiyah MI Danawarih, Danawarih Village, Balapulang District. 70 million, RTLH village government assistance for 281 villages each of 30 million rupiahs per village and financial assistance to the village government to increase the Village-PM community resilience to 20 million rupiahs and KPMD operational of 5 million rupiahs.

On that occasion, Tegal, Regent Umi Azizah said that each village in Tegal Regency had an advantage.

“There are martabak, convection, tempe, metal, ship components and processed materials made from tea which have penetrated the international market.

Umi, accompanied by the Tegal Police Chief Officer, the OPD head and the Head of Bank Jateng Tegal Coordinator, Bambang Heru, also delivered a number of excellent programs and achievements that, Tegal District Government had achieved. Among the slum environmental structuring program is making of the healthy family latrines with the PDPM budget. For the past three years, the assistance has been allocated 21,075 billion rupiahs. It is hope that by the end of 2019, Tegal Regency can realize an ODF-free Regency or free from open defecation.

In addition to with the governor’s aid recipients gathering on Thursday (11/4) afternoon, Ganjar Pranowo also handed over aid to the religious teachers in Tegal Regency and Tegal City held at the Dar Al Quran Al Islamic Boarding School in Lebaksiu Kidul Village.

Total Tegal Regency 9,274 beneficiaries’ people. The assistance is given at 1.2 million rupiahs per person per year, which is given every three months. The deputy Governor, Taj Yasin said, this year budgeted 205 billion rupiahs to help 171,131 religious’ teachers.