Ganjar Leads the “Rambut Gimbal” Ceremony in Dieng

Dieng – Thousands of people attended the location of the Arjuna Dieng Temple complex in Banjarnegara to witness the custom procession of dreadlocked shaving children from various regions in Indonesia. This activity is one of the series of events at the 2018 Dieng Culture Festival.

This dreadlocked boy is believed to be the incarnation of Kyai Kolodete and Nyi Roro Ronce. They have dreadlocks from infancy and will not disappear before being restrained. Before they are cut, they ask for various conditions for their parents. There were those who asked for cellphones with pictures of apples, chocolate ice cream, mango and orange, and some even asked for two packs of candy and two packs of crackers. This request must be fulfilled and submitted after the dreadlocks.

Bank Jateng as a Banjarnegara Regency Government partner participated in the success of this event by providing sponsorship assistance and attractive prizes at the event.