Fun Prizes: Direct Prize Balance Top-up Program

Are you planning a fancy vacation but are afraid of reducing your savings balance? or buy a New Smartphone but are afraid the DP savings will disappear? this is the right time for you to have what you want without sacrificing savings. Just directly top-up or open an account at the nearest Bank Jateng  office because there is a Gift-Like Program that you can get directly without drawing.

Besides Smartphone you can get various offers in the form of prizes or cash “like you, choose your prize!”. You do this simply by placing a minimum savings or current account of 10 million rupiahs  and locked for 4 months. The nominal funds or prizes received adjust the nominal top up. Funds or prizes without a draw are received at the beginning of the locking balance and can be received immediately after the balance locking administration is resolved.

Immediately top up and lock your balance now. For further information contact the nearest Bank Jateng office in your area. To find the nearest office location, click here

Program period: September – 31 December 2019


  • Individual / Institution / Corporate (not Regional Government / ABP / ABA funds)
  • Photocopy of identification (e-KTP / passport)
  • Not getting special rate facility


  • Prize value is calculated from a certain percentage based on the funds placed and the block period.
  • The form of prizes are cash or goods according to the customer’s choice.
  • The prize tax is borne by the Customer.
  • If the customer makes a withdrawal before the end of the blocking period, the customer will be subject to a maximum penalty of 130% of the prize value.
  • Delivery of prizes to customers no later than 14 (fourteen) calendar days from the date of joining the program.