Fulfilling The Commitment, Equity Life Indonesia and Bank Jateng Pay The Customers’ Critical Illness Claims of 50 million Rupiahs

WONOGIRI – Equity Life Indonesia and Bank Jateng have proven  again  their commitment to put the customer’s  needs as a top priority, by making a claim payment for the critical illness protection to Mrs. Sri Mulyani, who has been a customer and policy holder for the Whole Life Investa Protection insurance products since August 28, 2017.

The Whole Life Investa Protection is an insurance product in collaboration between Bank Jateng and Equity Life, Indonesia which provides lifelong protection of the various benefits and investments with the optimal returns. Including the protection from the death risk due to illness and accident, the protection from critical illness if one of the 50 critical illness types is diagnosed, as well as premium exemption if it’s diagnosed with total permanent disability.

Meanwhile, the symbolic payment handover for the critical illness claims took place at the Bank Jateng of Wonogiri branch office and was handed over by Mr. Gunawan Suprapto as the Deputy Head of Bank Jateng, Wonogiri Branch and accompanied by Mrs. Hidayatul Mustafidah from Equity while still implementing the health protocols.

Gunawan explained, “With the presence of the Whole Life Investa Protection insurance product which is specifically designed for Bank Jateng customers, it is expected to provide a sense of security and peace of mind for the customers in carrying out their daily activities. Of course, we also continue to make Bank Jateng as a trusted bank and also as a one stop of the financial solution service provider for the people of Central Java.”

“Of course, in the midst of a pandemic like this, it is very important for all of us to always maintain health and also have insurance to anticipate risks and protect ourselves and our loved ones from the various risks that exist in life, including the critical illness risk that cannot be predicted and occur to anyone regardless of the age. Coupled with the medical costs that are increasing every year, “said Mrs. Mustafidah.

After submitting the claim, Mrs. Sri Mulyani expressed her appreciation “I thank to the Equity Life Indonesia and Bank Jateng where from the initial process to the claims disbursement, the services provided were very good so that the claim process was fast, smooth, and without any problems.

I also feel very helped by the  received claims so that I can focus on undergoing recovery,” said Ibu Sri.