Enjoy the KREASI Program (Special ASN Credit)

ASN friends who are in need of a house since their children are grown and have been staying at their beautiful in-laws for a long time, need a big house since the furniture starts piling up, need a car since the wife is already pregnant and needs a comfortable ride for the wife, needs a motorbike since the child is already  in High School and need their own means of transportation, not to mention the need for items that are really needed but at exorbitant prices. Calm your mind, relax for a moment, since Bank Jateng has a KREASI program (Special ASN Credit), a special credit facility of Bank Jateng for Horizontal ASN to meet all your needs with low interest rates and without being charged any fees (free of charge).

Product credit: PLO

Program Period

Until 31 December 2020

Benefits :

By joining KREASI, ASN gets the following benefits:

  •     Easy process
  •     Buy cars / motorbikes / goods without down payment / DP 0%
  •     Without submitting BPKB Guarantee / House Certificate / any kind of guarantee
  •     Duration up to 20 years
  •     Cheap interest

Interest Calculation and Term

Years12 – 55 – 20
Interest7,5%10%Normal Rate
  •     the interest rate period is only until the end of December 2020,
  •     then January 2021 wii be normal interest

Terms and Conditions


  • Work as a Horizontal ASN (Central Java Provincial Government / Regency / City Government in the Central Java region).
  •  Have a Bank Jateng account
  •  Salary via Bank Jateng

Conditions :

  • The credit period is up to 20 years
  • Payment of credit installments via salary deductions every month