Encourage Non-Cash Transactions, Bank Jateng Intensively Socialize

Bank Jateng continues to innovate in public services. The target is innovation in the local government financial services, especially Semarang City Government.

One of its is Semarang Mayor’s regulation 2018 number 57 socialization concerning to the Implementation of Non-Cash Transactions in Semarang City. In order to succeed in the Mayor’s obligation, Bank Jateng aggressively conducted the socialization

The socialization took place at the Moch Ikhsan, Lokakrida Building, Semarang City Hall complex. In the socialization, Semarang Mayor Deputy was also present, Hevearita Gunaryanti Rahayu, OPD leader, the District Head throughout Semarang City and treasurers. Present were the leaders of Bank Jateng Semarang, Siti Ulfa and a number of related officials.

Meeting after the event, Coordinator Region Chairman of Bank Jateng, Semarang Siti Ulfa said non-cash transactions were a necessity.

“Transactions within the Singapore government, since early 2018 have implemented a non-cash system and  has been successful and able to boost the Singapore economy,” he said.

Ulfa explained, Bank Jateng as a state-owned bank is ready to support the government programs, especially in implementing non-cash transactions. This support is not only in the form of increasing human resources (HR) or banking personnel, but also a transaction system fully utilizes information technology progress.

Meanwhile Semarang Mayor Deputy, Hevearita Gunaryanti Rahayu said, the non-cash transaction was time to be applied to the City Government. Therefore the financial transaction system is accountable, transparent and open.

“We thank to Bank Jateng which are willing to help us in making this non-cash transaction program is succeed,” she said. (*)