Eleven Local Taxes Payment in Jepara Regency is Easier

JEPARA – Pay Taxes Now Can Be Done Anytime and Anywhere. Eleven local taxes payment in Jepara Regency is getting easier. Taxpayers can pay taxes anytime and anywhere. At the present there are two banks work with Jepara Regency Government as the recipients of regional tax payments. Both are Bank Jateng and Bank Mandiri.

“Payments can be made online (online) anytime and anywhere. Can be paid through all existing channels in both banks. For example, ATMs, internet banking, tellers, and so on, “said Head of the Regional Financial and Asset Management Agency (BPKAD) of Jepara Regency, Lukito Sudi Asmara, on Tuesday (2/4).

He said on the launch sidelines of “Host to Host Tax Payment for PBB-P2 Region through Bank Jateng and Bank Mandiri.” The event took place at the Shima Building, Jepara Regional Secretariat, attended by the Regional Commission VIII of KPK RI, Adlinsyah Malik Nasution, Jepara Secretary, Sholih, all the regional leaders, sub-district heads, compulsory tax from hotels and restaurants, and taxpayers in Jepara Regency.

According to Lukito, local tax payment services through Bank Jateng have been going on for a long time. Since April 2, 2019, following Bank Mandiri.

“Thus, there is an option for taxpayers to pay. Taxpayers have the flexibility to use these two banks’ applications. I hope other banks will follow, “Lukito explained.

In addition to PBB-P2, there are 11 types of local taxes can be paid through banks and monitored in the real time. Starting from the Fees for Obtaining Land and Building Rights (BPHTB), hotel, restaurant, entertainment, billboards, and street lighting taxes. Also, non-metal and rock mineral taxes, groundwater tax, and swallow tax.
With the host to host launch, this payment has been connected to the system at BPKAD. After this connection, regional tax oversight was immediately implemented electronically.

According to Lukito, since 10 April 2017, Jepara Regency Government has implemented online tax reporting and payment. Currently, non-cash transactions at the shopping post have been applied 100 percent. While the income post is done in stages. One of them is the host local tax is launched today.

Host to host is equipped with the real time tax monitoring tools connected to BPKAD system. There is a taping box at BPKAD for the supervision. In addition, the banks have binding on cooperation also provide the assistance with tax monitoring applications.

Secretary of Jepara, Sholih welcomed this host to host launch. According to him, regional revenue from the tax sector needs the support of a strong apparatus, adequate systems, and good law enforcement tools. This is needed to ensure there is no leak of tax revenues. In addition, the tax revenues can be more optimal.

“The more banks work together, the easier it will be for the taxpayers to pay according to their accounts,” Sholih said.

Throughout 2018, the realization of regional taxes in Jepara Regency reached 106 percent of the target of 98.8 billion rupiahs. This achievement is equivalent to 104.9 billion rupiahs. This year, regional tax revenues are targeted at 111.7 billion rupiahs. Until the end of March, 19.19 percent or 21 billion rupiahs had been realized.

Meanwhile, in the Electronic Regional Taxpayer Supervision Socialization with KPK which was assembled in the event, KPK RI VIII Regional Coordinator, Adlinsyah Malik Nasution mentioned the compulsory tax compliance importance. The man who is familiarly called Choky said, compulsory collection of taxes such as hotels and restaurants must deposit all taxes collected from the service users. If it is not, you can be convicted. He encouraged BPKAD not to allow taxes collected by the hotels and restaurants (compulsory tax collection) not to be paid to the State.

Local governments can monitore devices to ensure this. Choky gave an example of a restaurant pays a tax of 15 million rupiahs per month to the state. But after the control device is made, the real value is 160 million rupiahs per month.

“Try this big leak. I also carried out a tax deposit analysis from a hotel in an area. The highest deposit is 400 million rupiahs. After being monitored with a control device it turned out to be 1.4 billion rupiahs. Which is 1 billion rupiahs evaporating where to try? “Said Choky.

The Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) encourages an increase in Regional Original Income (PAD) by this method. BPKAD of Jepara Regency is encouraged to ensure tax collection is required to collect and deposit taxes according to the realization obtained.

“Obligatory tax collection takes over governance tax from the service users’ 21 percent of which is 10 percent for the local taxes. If there is a hotel paying a tax of 600 thousand rupiahs per day, means that the income is only 6 million rupiahs “Maybe it’s just that much,” he said.