E-Market Information Retribution to Traders in Pemalang District

Bank Jateng of Pemalang gave E-Retribution Market Information to traders who collaborated with Bank Indonesia of Tegal and Pemalang Regency Government.

The electronic levy collection system or E-Retribution will be the solution to the obstacles are often experienced by regional governments when collecting contributions or retributions from their citizens who have the main livelihood in the traditional markets. The application prepared by Bank Jateng will also provide facilities for the community to be obliged in fulfilling their obligations while providing certainty to regional revenues.

There are obstacles are often faced by the local governments such as the long collecting process to manage the market retribution that is still manual, resulting in a lack of control over local revenue sources. This condition can cause potential leaks of high levy funds. With the E-Retribution market will facilitate the payment of retribution from market traders through a system developed by Bank Jateng.

The process is very easy, traders only have Bank Jateng E-Retribution card managed by the Regional Government. Traders already registered with market managers can top up E-Retribution cards with Bank Jateng ATMs, teller services, mobile cash cars, and electronic data capture (EDC) devices that will be managed by Bank Jateng officers in the market area. After that, the merchant will get  proof of the transaction in the form of transaction receipt as proof he has fulfilled the obligation to pay the market retribution.

E-Retribution of the market has a very important function on Regional Original Revenue (PAD) which is expected to be one of the financial resources for financing the government administration and regional development. This certainly can improve community welfare and develop the regional economies. With the E-Retribution market, Bank Jateng also supports the movement of non-cash transactions described by Bank Indonesia and also facilitates rapid, transparent and efficient market retribution monitoring and reporting.

For Bank Jateng Branch of Pemalang stage in collaboration with Bank Indonesia of Tegal, the Regional Revenue Agency, the Office of Industry and Cooperatives provides information to 350 Paduraksa Market traders in stages over 8 days with the intention that every market trader understands the importance of market E-Retribution. The next stage of socialization with Pemalang morning market participants was approximately 1000 traders for 2 days

Pemalang Branch Market Team – Indria Fajarini