Dozens of MSMEs Participate in Micro Business Training

Bank Jateng of Temanggung Branch held a training activity for MSME perpetrators from the Temanggung Regency Area and its surroundings. Located at Kampung Sawah Restaurant, Temanggung MSME actors received Micro Business Simulation (MBS) training. The training lasted for two days, on 5-6 March 2019 by presenting Bank Jateng trainers namely Andy Baskoro Wicaksono from Bank Jateng of Batang and Laila Amalia Rahma from Bank Jateng of Wonosobo.

Bank Jateng of Temanggung Branch leader, Dedi Satriyana said that this training was one form of Bank Jateng’s commitments to always support MSMEs by not only providing loans but also training.

“The two-day training in the form of MSME micro business simulation training, in the form of financial management training of simulations or practices in the business finance calculation,” said Dedi. By this training, it is expected to be able to improve good cooperative relations between Bank Jateng and MSME perpetrators in the Temanggung Regency Area and its surroundings.

The MSME perpetrators were very enthusiastic considering the training helped them solve some several problems in the financial management, could give understanding to MSME perpetrators the importance of business finance and personal finance separation from the business finance.