Dissemination of Salary Receipts for Offices and Schools in Blora District

Bank Jateng of Blora Branch conducted a socialization with the Service Salaries Treasurer and Schools in Blora district. The socialization was held on Wednesday, February 13, 2019. Teachers who have received salaries through Bank Jateng will receive gross salaries that can be seen through the accounts of ATMs and internet banking. This gross is a salary that has not been deducted from the bills to be paid. Previously, the salary receipts taken through Bank Jateng were net salaries that through the must be paid pieces.

The receipt of this gross salary is socialized by Bank Jateng of Blora Branch to the service treasurer and Blora Regency school’s treasurer held at Graha Larasati, on Blora Wednesday (02/13/2019).

“We gathered these, both office and schools’ treasurers to provide information on gross salaries,” said the Head of Marketing at Bank Jateng of Blora Branch, Erwin Hadiwiyanto on the sidelines of the gathering.

Dozens of treasurers from these schools at the gathering gained knowledge about the gross salary receipts.

“Therefore, the teachers, and later other ASNs who receive their net salary by entering their respective ATMs, can see the details of the pieces that need to be paid, including tax deductions, as well as credit pieces if any. Details can be seen through printing in the account, and of course this in working days and hours. “If you want it directly without waiting for working days and hours, the details can be seen at the ATM and internet banking,” explained Erwin.

In addition, at this gathering, it was also notified that salary receipts would be more in time.

“On time, the point is this: if the 1st Saturday is a holiday and also Sunday, then the previous salary can only be taken on Monday or on the 3rd, then at this time every 1st even though it’s a holiday or a red date, it will still can be accepted on that 1st too, “he explained.

He added, the payment of ASN salaries in Blora Regency had been sent through Bank Jateng. (*)