Deputy Regent of Kebumen Inaugurates Ayah Sub-Branch Office (KCP)

Bank Jateng improved the status of Ayah Cash Office to Ayah Sub-Branch Office (KCP). The Sub-Branch Office located on Demangsari Main Street No. 7 of Ayah Subdistrict was inaugurated by Deputy Regent of Kebumen, KH Yazid Mahfudz, Monday (28/1).

The inauguration was marked by the signing of an inscription and jasmine strands cutting by Yazid Mahfudz, Deputy Regent. Also accompanying by Bank Jateng’s Finance Director, Dwi Agus Pramudya, Head of General Division Joko Sudiatmo, Head of Magelang Coordinator Branch, Heri Nunggal Supriyadi and Parmono, Head of Kebumen Branch. Also present were Dandim 0709 Lieutenant Colonel Inf Zamril Piliang, Kebumen Police Chief AKBP Robertho Pardede, officials in the Kebumen Regency Government, Ayah Muspika and surrounding areas.

Finance Director of Bank Jateng, Dwi Agus Pramudya said, the opening of Ayah KCP to meet the needs of the community in the Ayah Subdistrict area for the banking services. “The hope is that the existence of Ayah KCP can fulfill the people’s desire for banking services and products also can support Kebumen regency program in regional economic development,” said Dwi Agus Pramudya in his speech.

Dwi Agus Pramudya added, Bank Jateng currently has 2,788 office units and services. Among other things, 41 branch offices, 135 sub-branch offices and if added by Ayah KCP becomes 136. Then 165 cash offices, 301 payment points, 39 mobile cash car services and 884 ATM machines. Then 156 sharia office channel services, 436 EDCs spread across Central Java including one at a Branch office in Jakarta and a Branch in Yogyakarta.

As for the number of office networks in Kebumen in 2018 there are one main branch, four supporting branches included Gombong, Karanganyar, Prembun and Kutowinangun Sub Branch Offices. Moreover, there are five cash offices, one mobile cash car, 29 ATMs and three clever selling agents.

In 2019, Central Java added Ayah Sub Branch Offices, which was previously a cash office. “Bank Jateng also added a cash office in Prembun Hospital, seven ATM machines, one DCM and nine clever agents in the sub-district office,” he added.

The Deputy Regent, KH Yazid Mahfudz said the Bank Jateng presence of Ayah Sub Branch Offices at least implies two things. Namely Ayah Subdistrict is seen as one of the regions that has its own investment appeal for investors. Secondly, the existence of Ayah Sub Branch Office increasingly facilitates access to finance, therefore Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) will increasingly develop in a better direction, especially in terms of the capital support.

“We are very grateful for this condition, which in turn motivates us to continue improving the investment climate in order to increase the economic growth in Kebumen,” he said.