Customer Appreciation, Bank Jateng of Purworejo Branch Submits Prizes for Bima and Simpeda Savings

PURWOREJO – Bank Jateng of Purworejo Branch appreciates customers by giving Bima Savings Lottery prizes, on Purworejo Square, Wednesday (2/27). Prizes were handed over by Purworejo Regent, Agus Bastian, accompanied by Bank Jateng of Purworejo Branch Leader, Yulistyawan S Hartanto.

The awarding of prizes was carried out on the Inauguration sidelines of Purworejo District Government Projects for 2016-2018 and E-Tax, E-Retribution Launching by the Regent. Digitizing the public services in the form of e-tax and e-levy related to the applications was realized with the Bank Jateng ‘s of Purworejo Branch support.

According to Yulistyawan, the drawing of Bima 2nd Period Savings in 2018 was held by Bank Jateng of Semarang Head Office on January 28, 2019, with a grand prize one unit of Mitsubishi Pajero with the participants from all customers in Central Java, Jakarta and DIY. While the main prize in in each city / regency gets 1 unit of Mitsubishi Xpander. In addition, several prizes in the form of Yamaha NMax motorbikes and other attractive prizes.

“In Purworejo District, the grand prize for a Mitsubishi Xpander was handed over to Mrs. Sri Meiyati who was registered as Bank Jateng of Purwodadi’s Assistant branch customer,” Yulistyawan said.

In addition to the main prize, other prizes were also given. For five Yamaha N Max motorbikes won by Endang Sulistyati Warning (from Purworejo Branch), Achmad Fuad (from Baledono Sub Branch Office), Suhartono (from Kutoarjo Sub Branch Office), Widayati (Purwodadi Sub Branch Office), and Retno Darwati (from Purworejo branch).

For a 10-gram gold prize, won by Sururiyah (from Purworejo branch), Zaeni (from Purworejo branch), Charis Mujid (Baledono Sub Branch Office), Suwarjati (Kutoarjo Sub Branch Office, and Lilik Rahajeng (Purwodadi Sub Branch Office).
On this occasion, a prize was awarded to the Simpeda Savings Lottery winner, where the Simpeda Savings is a product of the Indonesian BPD. The draw has been held on Solo on February 22, 2019 by inviting the guest stars Bunga Citra Lestari and Tompi. For Purworejo Region, the winner of the Simpeda lottery prize was won by Subiyanto with a prize of 100 million rupiahs.

Yulistyawan explained, the Lucky Savings lottery program is Bank Jateng’s appreciation manifestation to its loyal customers. Bima Savings Lottery is held twice a year. In addition, Bima savers are entitled to Sipanda Insurance with the premiums borne by Bank Jateng.

To the winners, Yulistyawan expressed his gratitude, since indirectly he took part in providing PAD through Bima’s Central Java savings account. As a regional owned – government bank, the shares of Bank Jateng are indeed partly owned by the provincial government and belong to the district / city government therefore every year they always provide the dividends for PAD.

Yulistyawan added, to get the convenience of banking transactions, customers can use Bank Jateng Internet Banking by activating via the website. The various services that can be enjoyed with ibanking access are included checking balances and transfers, transfers between Bank Jateng and other banks, as well as purchasing the Indosat voucher, Telkomsel, XL.

“In addition, there are also payments from the University, UN, and multipayment such as trains, internet Telkom, MNC Vision, Transvision, Citilink, and so on,” he added.

Purworejo Regent, Agus Bastian, said that the launching of several applications related to e-tax and e-retribution was a form of readiness to enter the digital era. “Relevant to that, I would like to thank of Bank Jateng for supporting the digitalization realization of the public services,” he said.