Credit SOLUTIP: Adem Angsurane, Ayem Atine, Maju Usahane, low interest of rates only 7.5% per year. Iku Solatip!

Various problems arise due to  lifestyle changes in this pandemic era, food stalls must have smartphones so they can market via online, need home renovations then they don’t get bored if they continue at home, need to enlarge the warehouse since the spike in demand for goods, want to try a side business, need capital to procurement of goods, children need a laptop so they can have online school, keep going paying for school even though they are still at home, this year the schedule for marriage has been asked by the in-laws.

Living in a pandemic era, there are many sudden needs, routine expenses must be fulfilled, and many targets still need to be realized. Need equal distribution of monthly expenses, immediately take Solutip Credit “adem angsurane, ayem atine, maju usahane”. Cheap interest is only 7.5% or the equivalent of 0.3% per month to provide your financial solutions during pandemic.

Credit Use

Consumptive, working capital, and investment.

Program Period

01 September – 31 December 2020


With a loan facility, customers get the following benefits:

  • Low interest 7.5% / P.A or equivalent to 0.33% flat per month for the first year
  • Easy process
  • The maximum installment period is 5 years
  • Light & affordable installments


  • Consumptive: State Civil Apparatus (ASN)
  • Productive: Individuals and Business Entities

For further information, please contact the nearest Bank Jateng branch or sub-branch offices, Bank Jateng Call Center at 14066 or want to be contacted by the nearest Bank Jateng if it’s afraid of leaving the house, please fill in the form Click here