Creative Industry Galleries in the Old City of Semarang

Semarang – Semarang’s Old City Area is currently equipped with a Creative Industry Gallery at the Indonesian Trade Company Building located in the back of Blenduk Church, Semarang City, Central Java.

The Creative Industry Gallery inauguration was carried out by Central Java Governor, Ganjar Pranowo accompanied by his wife Siti Atikoh and Deputy Mayor of Semarang, Hevearita Gunaryanti Rahayu and Compliance & Risk Management Director of Bank Jateng, Ony Suharsono in Semarang on Sunday afternoon.

The Semarang Creative Industry Gallery is arguably a creative container specifically provided for SMEs to show off. Semarang Mayor, Hendrar Prihadi said that the gallery occupies a space that has not been maximized. However the restoration was carried out, the cost of which was supported by Bank Jateng, especially in the interior. And now the room is ready to accommodate various small and medium industrial products.

For information, the Creative Industry Gallery Building was previously four unused warehouses owned by PT Indonesian Trading Company (PPI). Repair of PPI Building takes a budget of 1.6 billion, which comes from Bank Jateng CSR

Interestingly, all transactions in the Creative Industry Gallery cannot use in cash. Cooperate with Bank Jateng in creating Cashless transactions in the old GIK City. All activities and transactions must be carried out in cashless (non-cash) using the ‘Old City Coins’ card supported by Bank Jateng. To facilitate all transactions, Bank Jateng also prepares cash offices and ATMs and money changers