Cooperatives Service and Bank Jateng Supports The National Economic Recovery

SEMARANG – Cooperatives and Micro Businesses Service of Semarang City collaborates with Bank Jateng in efforts to restore the national economy.

This was conveyed by the Head of Semarang City Cooperatives and Micro Service, Bambang Suranggono, in the activity of  “Dissemination of Single Data Management for Cooperatives and MSMEs, as well as Kridakop Product Literacy in the Context of National Economic Recovery” at the KopiMi Outlet, Monday (10/08)

“For this national economic recovery, we are collaborating with Bank Jateng in organizing product literacy activities for colleagues from Cooperatives who need credit,” he said.

Bambang said, the cooperation was expected to help the needs of 706 Cooperatives and 18,025 official MSMEs in Semarang City.

Leader of the Marketing Sector, Adhi Setiawan said the collaboration was aimed at increasing the synergy between Bank Jateng and the Semarang City Government, especially the Semarang City Cooperatives Department.

“In this case, we provide credit to Cooperatives, namely in the form of loan funds with a very low interest rates, to help stimulate national economic improvement. Later, the loan funds can be passed on to the Cooperatives  members, ”he explained.

In addition, he added that Bank Jateng also supports the Cooperatives and Micro Service Office in managing the Financial Institution Pension Fund (DPLK).

With the DPLK, it is hoped that the Cooperatives will be stronger in the future.

“The DPLK fund is also to support cooperative management in having an old age savings, and it is hoped that in the future it can improve the Cooperatives’s performance for the better,” he explained.

With this increased synergy, Adhi stated, the goal of national economic recovery due to the Covid-19 pandemic is expected to run well.