Commemoration of the 56th Bank Jateng Anniversary

SEMARANG – PT. Bank Pembangunan Daerah Jawa Tengah (Bank Jateng) is even 56 years old. The anniversary of Bank Jateng itself was held in Magelang, on Saturday (6/4).

On that occasion, Bank Jateng’s Director of Retail Business and Sharia Business Unit, Hanawijaya, said the acceleration and transformation program for the past 5 years has brought a lot of progress to the company. Total assets increased significantly, from 30.70 Trillion rupiahs in 2013 to 66.84 Trillion rupiahs as of December 2018.

* At the same time placing Bank Jateng as the 2nd largest among 27 BPDs in Indonesia. The increase also occurred in collecting the third-party funds (DPK), lending and operating profits, “he said.

Meanwhile, in the 2014-2018 period, Bank Jateng also noted progress, including as a Listed Company in 2015, the MURI record for Low Interest pioneers in 2016, BUKU-3 Commercial Banks in 2018, and Bank Rating Health Level 2 (Healthy) by OJK in 2018.

“The success and progress are something we should be grateful and receive appreciation,” he said.

At present, Hana Wijaya continued, Bank Jateng must prepare in the industrial revolution 4.0 era, where market conditions have changed to be more rational.

Facing this market change, it will no longer be able to rely solely on emotional closeness. Instead, it needs to improve the relational relations more professionally.

“All of our ranks demand to be more familiar with the business (know our business), therefore in the future we will understand the needs of the organization, and be able to execute the programs quickly according to the market needs,” he said firmly.

The program to improve the technology, organization and HR (Human Resources) is also the main key to winning business competition in the future.

“Technology enhancement activities will be completed no later than the beginning of 2020. The technology owned, not only becomes an operational backbone according to Bank Jateng’s needs, but God’s willing, it will become the leader for the regional banking technology development,” he explained.

In terms of organization, in the future it will rearrange according to the business focus, moreover it can respond to the market conditions more quickly and agile, with more orientation towards meeting the market needs.

“Downsizing the organizational structure and bureaucracy consequently the command function is more effective. The synergy and cross-selling collaboration mechanism will be made simpler and easier since the size of the service level agreement is clear, “he explained.

While for the HR (Human Resources) field, Hana Wijaya revealed the cadre programs and leadership will continue to be developed. “Management has committed undertaking a growth from within program. The internal employee acceleration program is carried out to attract the best cadres, through a transparent selection and competition process. However, for new and specific business fields, we open ourselves to invite professionals, therefore Bank Jateng is more likely to run behind the competitors, “he added.