Collaboration between Bank Jateng of Jakarta Branch and Sahid University, Jakarta

JAKARTA – Bank Jateng of Jakarta Branch has signed a cooperation agreement with Sahid University, Jakarta in providing Employee Credit Facilities. Bank Jateng of Jakarta branch represented by Fachrudin Arif as Branch Manager and Sahid University, Jakarta represented by the Rector, Prof. Dr. Ir. Kholil, M. Kom.

Also present at this collaboration signing, Vice Chancellor II Dr. Nafiah Ariyani, SE., M.Si, Vice Rector III Drs. Bernard Hasibuan, M.Pd., Ph.D, as well as several members of Sahid University, Jakarta Academic Community at the Bank Jateng of Jakarta Branch Office, (06/08).

In his speech, Prof. Dr. Ir. Kholil, M. Kom stated that cooperation with Bank Jateng is a gateway that will open opportunities for cooperation in many ways, since Sahid University, Jakarta has several Faculties, the number of students is large, ranging from undergraduate, postgraduate to doctoral levels.

Meanwhile, Fachrudin Arif said, in the future this collaboration would not only be limited to the credit facilities but also in terms of funds (savings and deposits), even loan facilities were not only for employees of Sahid University, Jakarta but also for alumni who owned businesses and had the potential to be given loan facilities with SKIM Credit adjusted to the type of the business.

In addition to the collaboration signing, it is also used as a promotional event for the existence of Bank Jateng in Jakarta area. The event was continued with the Employee Credit  Socialization to the employees of Sahid University, Jakarta and ended with a friendly relationship between the employees of Bank Jateng, Jakarta Branch with the Academic Community of Sahid University, Jakarta.