CMS Application Socialization of Central Java Bank for Junior High School Treasurer at Karanganyar District

Junior High School Student Principal Deliberation (MKKS) of Karanganyar District held a workshop on appraisal system appraisal, UNBK and non-cash transaction implementation. The event was attended by all principals, vice principals and all junior and private schools treasurers throughout Karanganyar District which numbered about 300 participants. At the workshop, Central Java Bank of Karanganyar Branch, represented by Mr. Danar Widagdo as Marketers Team Chief, conveyed the socialization on the non-cash transactions implementation and technical guidance on the cash management system (CMS) use to all participants. On the same occasion also conveyed about the decline in interest PLO loans rates for civil servants. Central Java Bank attempts to raise the consumer credit rate by lowering the personal loan loan interest rate (PLO) to public servants in Karanganyar.

 Central Java Bank Marketers Team of  Karanganyar Branch