Closed to The Retirement, Ngapinah Got a Mitsubishi Xpander Prize from the Bank Jateng of Blora Branch’s Bima Lucky Draw

BLORA – The submission of the 2nd Period 2020 of Bima Draw Prize  was held on the front yard of the Bank Jateng, Blora Branch on (16/04) and a happy expression was seen from Bu Ngapinah, a teacher from Gembyungan Village, Randublatung District who will be retired in August 2021, she said. That she’s lucky to get the main prize of the Mitsubishi Xpander.

“I did not expect it, yesterday I just dreamed of carrying a child, it turns out that it was a hunch that I got a car, this is a gift for my retirement,” said Ngapinah.

Besides of Ngapinah, there were 4 of the other winners, namely Pipik Sumanti and the Village Treasurer of Bogowanti who  received 1 unit of Yamaha Nmax, then the BLUD Treasurers of RSUD R. Soetijono Blora and Susantono whom each them is received 10 gr of Gold Precious Metal.

The head of the Bank Jateng, Tri Nugroho, was handed over the prizes, accompanied by the Deputy Leader,  Suparyanto and the Head of Regional Government Leaders in the Blora Regency area.

The Head of Bank Jateng, Blora Branch, Tri Nugroho, said that the 2nd Period of Bima Savings  draw for 2020 was held in Semarang on March 22, 2021, as an  appreciation form of  Bank Jateng to be the loyal customers of the Bank Jateng’s Bima Savings. “We hope that the prize can be useful for the  prize’s receivers.

Bank Jateng always provides education to the customers in savings. Since saving is not only beneficial for each of the individual but also can get prizes ”. said Tri Nugroho.

The Head of Bank Jateng, Blora Branch, Tri Nugroho, also expressed his gratitude to the customers who have played a saving’s active role, the cooperation that has been established is expected to be better, grow and develop, therefore Bank Jateng can develop even more better.