Clean Water Emergency in Sragen, Bank Jateng Helps 10 Tanks

The long drought has affected severe drought in several areas, one of which is Sragen Regency. Bank Jateng of Sragen participated in providing assistance in the form of 10 tanks of clean water handed over to the Kedu Hamlet area RT 07 and RT 08 Banyurip Village Jenar District Sragen Regency. The area has been experiencing drought for four months and is included in the drought red zone when the dry season arrives. According to Widodo (30), a resident of Kedu Hamlet, an average family needs around 30 liters for two days.

Residents have taken the initiative to make a reservoir made of tarpaulin with a wooden frame to accommodate the water assistance. The assistance from Bank Jateng of Sragen was welcomed with great enthusiasm by residents, who were looking forward to clean water. One resident said that he was very grateful because with this assistance, the need for clean water could be fulfilled.

This assistance was handed over by Agung Raharjo as Acting Deputy of Sragen Branch Leader in collaboration with the Sragen Regency Regional Disaster Management Agency. According to Agung, this assistance is a form of Bank Jateng’s concern about what is currently an urgent need for Sragen people’s Regency.