Cilacap Regent Inaugurates Bajaj in Kroya, The Driver Gets KUR from Bank Jateng

CILACAP, Cilacap Regent Tatto Suwarto Pamuji launches a specific area transportation (AKT) or Bajaj operating in Kroya Sub-district and its surroundings on Wednesday (3/27). The regent hopes that the Bajaj existence can improve the economy and provide the safe modes of transportation for the community.

“It is hoped in the future the transportation modes will make people easier to use transportation,” said Cilacap Regent Tatto Suwarto Pamuji.

This is the government effort to provide services and facilities for the public in transportation. Moreover, it is also expected to increase the degree of community welfare.

“I also asked the drivers of the certain area transportation in Kroya Subdistrict zone and its surroundings to always obey and comply with the applicable rules and regulations. Therefore, there is no misunderstanding with the other transportation service providers, “he said.

Head of the Cilacap District Transportation Agency, Tulus Wibowo, said that the transportation uses the TVS brand. With the transportation’s launch, it became one of the breakthroughs to replace the motorized becak (bentor) as an alternative vehicle on a motorcycle taxi and under a taxi.

“The integrated area transportation can enter the trail. Our hope is the bentor drivers to immediately turn into the vehicle, therefore the community or service users can get safety guaranteed, “he said.

In this first stage, 21 applicants have been opened. But in this launch, there were only 10 fleets. While the rest will gradually follow. Where later there will be as many as 61 Bajaj operating in the Kroya region and its surroundings.

Bajaj drivers can use cheap credit facilities, namely the People’s Business Credit or KUR provided by Bank Jateng to purchase the Bajaj unit at an interest rate of 7% per year.

One Sarino said that he had previously been a bentor driver. But because the vehicle was banned and the government programmed it to be replaced with a Bajaj, therefore he registered himself to own the vehicle.

“For the installments is 962 thousand rupiahs per month for five years. Means a day around 33 thousand rupiahs. Insha’Allah can repay since bentor will be removed. Passengers who usually use bentor can switch to Bajaj, “he said.