Dana Pensiun Bank Jateng Incar Generasi Milenial

Central Java Bank Pension Fund Spends Millennial Generation

Through the Endless Welfare product (Setia), Central Java Bank is optimistic, the younger generation or trend again called millennial generation are interested in thinking about pension fund.

Central Java Bank DPLK Deputy Head, Ernawan Sulistyo said so far the Central Java Bank continues to approach the younger generation. According to him, currently many young people are productive and have started to get a bit ahead.

“We approach and the response is pretty good. Millenial generation is now in the forefront, “Ernawan said in a Healthy Investment discussion and Personal Retirement Now or Never held at Central Java Provincial Government Building on Tuesday (27/2).

Ernawan explained, the DPLK Setia mechanism is very beneficial to customers. Start flexible dues until the benefits will be in the old days again.

“Loyal is good for informal employees or laborers at once. Even tea pickers Tambi many who come, “added Ernawan.

Meanwhile, in a discussion initiated by Central Java Provincial Government (FWPJT) Forum Journalist also presented economic observer Judi Budiman. In line with Ernawan, Unissula lecturer is also assessing in the long-term investment current era is very important.

According to him, the young generation has to think about the guarantee for themselves in the old days later. “The quality pension program number will certainly stimulate the interest of the community, especially the younger generation,” he said.