Central Java Bank CMS Application Helps Treasurer Doing Department Service

Socialization of the non-cash transactions implementation (TNT) within Pemalang Regency Regional Secretariat. In this case Central Java Bank of Pemalang Branch requested by the  Pemalang Regency Regional Secretariat as a Socialization and Bintek Resource related to CMS (cash management system). The socialization aims to provide information to the expenditures and treasurer treasurer of the assistants expenditure, especially the Regional Secretary environment in the shopping and transactions case to the partners.

This CMS application is welcomed by the treasurer since it will be more helpful doing departmental shopping. The CMS-GIBS application also has a very good security system because all transactions made by the treasury dispenser (Maker) will first seek approval from the Chicken Treasurer (Chaker) and will subsequently seek approval from the Chief Executive Officer or appointed Officer, after all the process is passed before the transaction is successful. The socialization was opened by Mr. Budhi Rahardjo as Pemalang Regency Regional Secretary of representing the remarks of Pemalang Regency and Mr. Djaka Nur Sahid as the Central Java Bank Head of Pemalang Branch while bintek CMS-GIBS application filled by the Marketing Team Chairman of Central Java Bank Branch, Arief Rachman Haryono held at Pesona Bamboe Hotel Lembang, 2-3 February 2018.

Ginanjar – Pemalang