Dharma Internship Registration

Bank Jateng held in order to improve human resources quality, especially the younger generation in Central Java, by providing opportunities for the younger generation of high school / Diploma graduates (equivalent) who want to have work experience at Bank Jateng.


  1. Indonesian citizen, preferably domiciled in Central Java
  2. Man Woman
  3. Ages 18-24 years old
  4. Graduated from high school / vocational school with a minimum UAN score of 7.0 or Diploma (D1-D3) with a minimum GPA of 2.5
  5. Physical and spiritual health is proven by a doctor's certificate
  6. Acting is well proven by SKCK
  7. Able and willing to place internships in all Bank Jateng Units
  8. Willing not to marry during the internship program


  1. Training
  2. Pocket money
  3. Scholarship
  4. Internship certificate
  5. Other facilities

Other Information

  1. The selection and recruitment whole process of Bank Jateng is free of charge.
  2. Another question about recruitment can be submitted via email: karir@bankjateng.co.id