Caring for Corono Outbreak, Bank Jateng Shares Vitamins

PURWODADI – For the sake of always improving services for the loyal customers, Bank Jateng of Purwodadi Branch always provides Excellent service.

Bank Jateng provides gifts to the retired customers who conduct transactions in the form of milk ,  honey, vitamins, and bread at Bank Jateng of Purwodadi Branch Office, (01/04).

This is a form of concern from Bank Jateng to the retired customers in the face of co-19 virus pandemic or what is popularly called corona virus.

“It is very good in serving the retired customers, Bank Jateng is also very concerned for retired customers and hopefully Bank Jateng is always advancing,” said Sri Astuti as a retired customer.

The gift was symbolically handed over by Suko Hariyadi as the Head of Bank Jateng of Purwodadi Branch . He also emphasized that Bank Jateng of  Purwodadi Branch participated in preventing the spread of Covid-19 virus by providing facilities for customers in the form of a sink completed with hand-washing soap, Sterilization Box, body temperature measuring device and  hand sanitizer in every strategic places in the office environment and implementing social distancing in the customer’s seat arrangement.

Suko Hariyadi added “not only doing that but we also protect our employees during operational office hours, especially in the front office by requiring the use of masks and gloves to avoid the spread of co-19 virus,” he said.