Caring for Corona Outbreak, Bank Jateng of Purworejo Branch Gives Washing Hands with Soap (CTPS) Aid

PURWOREJO, 15 sanitation equipment units of Washing Hand with Soap (CTPS) aid will be installed in a number of public facilities in Purworejo Regency. This CTPS is assistance from Regionally Owned Enterprises (BUMD) of Purworejo Regency which is incorporated in BUMD Care Movement.

Bank Jateng of Purworejo Branch provides assistance in the form of 5 units of Washing Hand with Soap (CTPS) moreover Bank Jateng of Purworejo also carries out Covid 19 emergency prevention and response protocols in Purworejo Regency especially not only  in offices but also in public services by providing hand sanitizers, washing hands place  for customers, check body temperature, and customers’ seats within 1 meter.

The CTPS facility handover was held at Ganesha Hotel Hall on Tuesday (3/31/2020). The assistance was received directly by the Purworejo Regent, Agus Bastian witnessed by BUMD Directors and a number of OPD officials.

The Regent, Agus Bastian on that occasion appreciated and expressed his deepest gratitude, for the care of all BUMDs owned by the Government of Purworejo Regency in preventing the spread of Covid 19.

According to him, this assistance will be very useful in efforts to prevent the spread of Covid 19. At the same time, it can educate people to behave clean and healthy life by getting used to wash hands with soap.

The allocation of CTPS installation are as follows, Suronegaran and Baledono Markets each of them are two points. Tambak Morning Market, Kutoarjo Market, Grabag Market, Kemiri Market, Pituruh Market, Kongsi Bus Station, Kutoarjo Bus Station, Grantung Main Bus Sation, Culinary Romansa, Kutoarjo PKL Shelter, and Setda Complex, each of them is one point.

The Head of Bank Jateng of Branch Purworejo, Yulistyawan S Hartanto said, together with BUMDs in Purworejo Regency continue to move and provide humanitarian assistance aid due to the conditions of Indonesia facing Corona virus outbreak.

“We were moved to provide humanitarian assistance of 15 units Washing Hands with Soap (CTPS) aid, hopefully our assistance will be beneficial to others and blessings us all,” said Yulistyawan