Issue Letter of Credit

Bank Jateng provides business transaction solutions with domestic buyers through the issuance of L / C (Letter of Credit) which provides payment certainty to the Seller / Exporter and provides assurance to the Importer payment will only be made after the documents presented in accordance with the requirements of L / C (Letter of Credit).

Benefits for customers :

  1. Provide assurance to the Buyer (Importer) or Seller (Exporter) through the of Central Java Bank intermediary role
  2. Provide security to the Importer that payment will only be made on the documents with L / C (Letter of Credit) suitability
  3. Increase the bonafide from the Importer in the Supplier presence by providing payment guarantee to the Supplier through the bank's written pledge to provide payment for goods or services when in accordance with the conditions and conditions contained in the L / C (Letter of Credit).

Shipping Guarantee

In the event that the goods have arrived at the destination port but the original document (Bill of Lading) has not been received, the Bank Jateng assists the Importer to obtain power from the shipping company by issuing Shipping Guarantee on the basis of L / C (Letter of Credit) opened by Bank Jateng. On the Shipping Guarantee basis the Importer can make the goods in the destination port.

Benefits for customers :

  1. Demurrage charges Avoidance for goods stored at ports.
  2. Flexibility and ability to gain power over goods as soon as possible.
  3. Improe customer performance and creditworthiness.
  4. Smooth business activities on schedule

Trust Receipt Financing

Other financing provided by Bank Jateng for Applicant is Trust Receipt Financing which is short-term financing for Applicant to fulfill the working capital requirement and obligation settlement to supplier which is matured on the basis of L / C (Letter of Credit) C or Collection. Financing will be awarded on a "trust" basis or a Trust Receipt as a legal document.

Benefits for customers :

  1. Financing Against Trust Receipt provides convenience for Applicant by giving importers an opportunity to remove goods and use them for manufacturing process.
  2. Increase the Applicant bonafide in front of its suppliers by providing timely payment.
  3. Cash flow arrangement as needed

*) Terms & Conditions apply **) Detailed information can contact our nearest branches.

Pre Shipment Financing

Bank Jateng provides solutions for exporters who need funds for short-term trade financing to meet working capital needs (raw material purchase, production activity and others) before goods shipment related to export schedule and can be provided either on the basis of L / C (Letter of Credit).

Benefits to customers are :

  1. Adding Cash Flow.
  2.  Increase exporters cash flow by financing working capital needs, while export proceeds (proceeds) will be used to repay the facility.
  3.  Provide financing facility to exporters based on LC (Letter of Credit) *

*) financing facilities percentage in accordance with applicable provisions.

Post Shipment Financing

Bank Jateng provides Post Shipment Financing which is a competitive short-term trade financing intended for exporters who have shipped goods on the basis of L / C (Letter of Credit).

Benefits for customers :

  1. Increase the exporters cash flow position by providing funds after goods shipment without having to wait for buyers to make payments.
  2. Efficiency Solution to negotiate export documents of L / C (Letter of Credit) issued by Bank and can be negotiated by Bank Jateng

Documentary Collection

Other services offered by Bank Jateng are to provide export billing services documents for the exporter benefit who provide assurance to the seller / exporter to retain power over the goods / documents until the draft payment or acceptance by the importer through the bank is received.

The benefit to the customer is to give confidence to the exporter in order to send the documents and billing the payment result through the international and / or national network.

Transferable L/C

Bank Jateng facilitates exporters acting as intermediaries (1st beneficiary of L / C) to earn profits through invoice exchange on the basis of Transferable L / C (Letter of Credit). Transferable L / C can be transferred from the first recipient to one or more second recipients (2nd beneficiary). Bank Jateng will issue L / C on its Transferable L / C master.

Benefit for customers is to provide solutions to trade transactions between buyers, first recipients and second recipients.

Bill Collection Financing & Open Account Financing

Financing by Bank Jateng to the Exporter in connection with the international trade implementation.

Benefits for the Customer :

  • Helping Customers obtain funds from documents presented to banks, so that Exporters can use funds productively while waiting payment from Buyers.
  • The funding disbursement process ease, therefore Exporters can quickly grab business opportunities.
  • Competitive interest rates and provisions.
  • The exporter may draw funds in accordance with the documents value presented to the bank, making it easier for financial management with a clear source of payment.
  • Short-term financing facility adjusted to the source of payment term.

Risk Participation

Transactions on the sale / assets purchase or claims between the Bank, the domestic and foreign Corresponding Banks meet the acceptance criteria, and one party offers (as the Giver) and the other party accepts the bid (as Participant) to participate in the risk takeover of a transaction made by giver with a certain obligor / collectible party.


It is a purchase without prior rights to a debt instrument previous holder in the form of drafts, promisory notes, or other future maturities based on the trade in goods or services

Benefits for customers:

  1. Importers can adjust payments for revenue projections, making it possible to get a grace period.
  2. The importer may obtain 100 (one hundred) percent finance and avoid to pay cash in advance.
  3. Importers may pay interest based on a fixed interest rate for credit life, make the budget safer and simpler.
  4. Importers may access for medium term long-term financing may be expensive or completely unavailable in their country.
  5. Importers may be able to take the export advantage subsidy schemes provided by exporting governments.


  1. Forfaiting menghilangkan hampir semua resiko kepada eksportir, dengan pembiayaan 100 (seratus) persen dari nilai kontrak
  2. Untuk pembeli asing, eksportir umumnya memerlukan jaminan lain dari bank
  3. Eksportir dapat mengkonversikan "pembayaran hasil ekspor-nya saat jatuh tempo" ke dalam cash transaksi dan mengembangkan likuiditas nya.
  4. Eksportir terbebas dari politik antar pemerintah atau resiko dari asosiasi perdagangan.
  5. Pembiayaan sampai 100 (seratus) persen dari nilai ekspor dengan pembiayaan "Without Recourse".
  6. Perlindungan nilai ekspor terhadap suku bunga dan resiko perubahan nilai mata uang.
  7. Forfaiting dapat digunakan dalam hubungannya dengan kredit resmi yang didukung oleh lembaga kredit ekspor.

*)Syarat & Ketentuan berlaku **) Detail informasi dapat menghubungi cabang-cabang kami terdekat.