Export Transactions

Export Notes Financing is the Bank Jateng financing on your bills to buyers / buyers abroad. This financing is based on non-LC export transactions (outward documentary collection) and aims to minimize the delayed bills payment impact from your bussiness.

Bank Jateng will give you a limit on the approved buyer list basis and upon such limit the bank will accelerate payment Document receipt against Transfer (TT), Document against Acceptance (D / A) and Document against Payment (D / P) against your buyer with Regres Right. This is an easy way to speed up your cash inflow.


  • Improve cash flow that can ultimately increase your business control
  • Increase your competitiveness by providing a flexible way of paying without disrupting your cash flow


  • The given limit is uncommitted and revolving
  • Acquisitions with Regres Rights are made at 100% of the document value
  • Payment settlement is given a maximum 15 calendar days (TT grace period), maximum of 45 calendar days (DP) and maximum 120 calendar days (DA) from the acquisition date
  •  If you have enjoyed the Bank Jateng facilities, the collateral can be associated with the facilities you are enjoying, whereas if you are a prospective customer, the inventory collateral minimum and receivables

Import Transactions

Trust Receipt Non LC Financing is a Bank Jateng of your obligations financing to sellers / sellers abroad. This financing is based on non-LC import transactions (Inward Documentary Collection) and aims to assist your business development without burdening the company's cash flow.

Bank Jateng will give you a limit and on the limit basis, the bank will provide financing for your obligations against Inward Document Collection against Acceptance (D / A) or Document Collection against Payment (D / P) transaction from seller. With this facility, you can postpone your obligations payment to the bank, moreover still can pick up the items you've ordered. You will submit a TR Letter, which essentially contains a statement that the bank retains the goods ownership and you promise to pay off the debt to the bank on the obligations that have been paid in advance by the bank. This way is an ideal way to support t your business development without having to burden your cash flow


  • Expanding your chance to continue to grow your business without putting a burden on your cash flow
  • Increase your competitiveness to competitors in the sellers eyes by providing a fast payment way but does not interfere with your cash flow


  • The given limit is uncommitted and revolving
  • You can enjoy a maximum 180 days payment delay from the draft date
  • Simple because the documentation required for the withdrawal is only TR Letter