Bank Jateng provides Domestic Letters Credit (SKBDN) products of which provides the convenience in domestic trade transactions. SKBDN guarantees to the applicant’s payment will only be made after the documents presented in accordance with the terms agreed by both parties between the beneficiary and the applicant.


  1. Providing assurance to buyers and sellers through the Bank Jateng intermediary role
  2. Provide security to the buyer that payment will only be made when the required documents have been fully complied with or in accordance with the Domestic L / C.
  3. Increase the buyer creditworthiness in the suppliers presence by providing payment guarantee to the supplier through a written bank appointment to provide payment for goods or services when in accordance with the conditions and requirements contained in the Domestic L / C.


  • Pre shipment Financing = Working Capital Financing or Investment on SKBDN Activities
  • Post shipment Financing = Negotiable Export Notes either sight or usance upon submission of SKBDN documents