SMS Notif is short of Short Massage System Notification which is a short message delivered by Central Java Bank through cooperation with the mobile phone third party owned by customer who have been in the list on computerized system of Bank Jateng for debit / account credit transaction conducted by customer at Bank Jateng, both savings and loan accounts

How To Register

  1. In utilizing SMS Notification service, the customer shall not be charged, if in the future charged, Bank Jateng will inform through the information mechanism at the Branch Office and other mechanism.
  2. To be able to use SMS Notification service, customer must fulfill the following terms and conditions:
    1. As a savings account holder, Clearing Account, Deposit or Bank Jateng loan.
    2. Mobile phone number (mobile phone) has been registered via Central Java Bank ATM machine on Registration feature
    3. SMS Notification Service provides benefits for customers by utilizing SMS Notification facility, customers will get the information sent to Mobile Number which have been registered, in the deposit transaction information or withdrawal form on the savings account number, and as one of security transaction when the transaction on account savings not done by the account holder alone.
  3. SMS Notification Service Completion complaint is done by following mechanism:
    1. User Customer may submit a complaint through Branch/ Sub-Branch Office where opening the account or call center 14066
    2. Officer at Branch / Sub-Branch Office if unable to handle can communicate / coordinate to helpdesk Head Office Telephone Number (024) 3547541
    3. The helpdesk officer at the Head Office may communicate / coordinate to the service provider's employment by phone at number (021) 7204932 or (021) 7204923


  1. Insert the ATM Card into the ATM machine
  2. Enter ATM Card PIN BPD Card
  3. Select "OTHER" feature
  4. Select "REGISTRATION" feature
  5. Select "SMS NOTIFICATION" feature
  6. Enter Mobile Number (HP) Click "AGREE"
  7. Registration Completed. Mobile (HP) ready to receive Bank Jateng SMS Notification