Smart Claiming Services is a service organized by Banks through the cooperated agents with who do not have an account target community at the Bank with the savings product form with basic saving account characteristics (BSA) called BimaKu Pandai. BSA is a no minimum limit savings account, either the balance or cash deposit transaction. In the BimaKu Pandai administration, the Bank cooperates with the Ambassador Agent.

The point

Provide financial access to people who do not know or use banking services and other financial services. As the remote location result of the residence from the bank office, object to any costs, or incriminating requirements.


Facilitate the community in dealing with the Bank to obtain Financial Services


Bank Jateng Facility for Ambassador Agent

  • Giving rewards to Agent Ambassadors,
  • Provides an application system for the Goods conduct, and.
  • Educate and train


  • Smart Claim Hours start at 08.00 s / d 21.00, special account opening service following the of Bank operational hours
  • Client's transactions on the Duta Agent will be subject to tariff or fees.
  • Each Ambassador Agent will get a share fee in a transaction certain percentage.
  • The amount of tariff / transaction fee and sharing fee for agents will be assigned separately through Fund Circular Letter and Treasury Division.
  • Duta agent is divided into 2, namely:
    • Individual Ambassador Agent
    • Ambassador Agent

Terms and Conditions

  • Indonesian legal entity
  • Have a good reputation and credibility
  • Have capital capability
  • Have a permanent business in one location for at least 2 (two) years
  • Able to perform liquidity management
  • Able to provide human resources with skills included Banking knowledge, electronic devices use, and good communication.
  • ¬†Completed due diligence by Bank Jateng